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My father in law is dying from cancer.  The doctors say he has days to live and in fact my wife has just gone with him in an ambulance to the hospital again.  It’s the second time in as many days.  With this dark cloud hanging over our family, I have been spending more time reading about possible natural cancer cures.  OK; I know it’s too late for my father in law, but I would like to know what has helped people who have been cured of this dreadful disease. 

habanero peppersOne article that I found very interesting is that of a man called Kelley Eidem.  He claims to have cured his stage four cancer in two weeks from a special diet of habanero chilies, garlic and butter on bread, with one tablespoon of emulsified cod liver oil.  You can read that article here.

The author of this article also mentions freshly grated ginger as a powerful anti-cancer agent.

To back things up, the author has mentions a few research papers (though I could not find links to the papers in the article).  One from UCLA showing that researchers shrank tumors by 80% using habanero peppers.  The other research papers were on the power of ginger to cause cancer cell death and even make the cancer cells turn on themselves.

I did a search to see if I could find the research papers on habanero peppers that Kelley was talking about in the article and found these:

    Capsaicin, a Component of Red Peppers, Inhibits the Growth of Androgen-Independent, p53 Mutant Prostate Cancer Cells
    In this study, the researchers found that capsaicin is the active ingredient in red peppers and it induced apoptosis (death) in prostate cancer cells.

    Capsaicin inhibits benzo(a)pyrene-induced lung carcinogenesis in an in vivo mouse model.
    Researchers of this study concluded that capsaicin helped protect against lung cancer in mice.  The mice were exposed to benzo(a)pyrene – a powerful carcinogen but the capsaicin helped protect them.

    Capsaicin-induced apoptosis of FaDu human pharyngeal squamous carcinoma cells.
    In this study, researchers found that capsaicin induced apoptosis (cell death) in human pharyngeal squamous cells.

There were many, many more studies showing how capsaicin helped kill cancer cells.

An article on the Natural News website gives us a little more detail of how these experiments translate to human doses.  They say:

“The scientists estimated that the dose of pepper extract fed to the mice was equivalent to giving 400 milligrams of capsaicin three times a week to a 200 pound man. This would be about the amount found in three to eight fresh habanero peppers, depending on how hot the peppers were. The hotter the pepper, the greater the capsaicin content. Habanero peppers, which are native to the Yucatan, have the highest amount of capsaicin. On the Scoville Heat Index, habaneros score 300,000 heat units. Jalapeno peppers, popular in the U.S., score between 2,500 and 3,000 heat units.”

Source: Hot Peppers Make Prostate Cancer Cells Die and Taste Buds Come to Life

I have faith that natural products can cure cancer and that the root of cancer is our diet.  I also love chilies so hopefully that will afford me a little protection.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think? 

Know anyone who has tried this chili diet for cancer and been cured?

Have you heard of any other natural cures for cancer? 

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8 thoughts on “Habanero Peppers. A Cure for Cancer?

  • Maddy

    My mom has stage IV lung cancer. we are so desperate right now we’re ready to try everything to save her. i read the article about the pepper recipe however, it contains some oil or something right? and the doctor said she’s not allowed to eat oily food. so how could we make that pepper bread?

    • Andy Williams Post author

      Hi Maddy
      I understand your desperation and am sorry your Mom is sick. Unfortunately I cannot advise on this as I am not a medical doctor. This site, and this article is here purely for information purposes, and the guy who used this habanero toast is not know to me, and he was also doing it because the doctors could not help him, and he had nothing to lose.

  • James scapiga

    My dad just lost his life to cancer and I have his genetics and very unhealthy, my dad took big pharmas treatment for over 10 years but I am choosing to die with dignity. When it comes to treating cancer naturally, many things must be tried and never give up but an organic diet is most important. I am always trying something different for my lungs, prostate, and lumps on testicles. I love hot peppers and today I decided to rub juices on testicles and what a bad burn but who knows, it’s better than using a quacks medicine. I will be trying oil of oregano, mushrooms, and other herbs for my lungs. Don’t give up anything is possible. God bless!

  • Brianna Lapoint

    Cannabis is also recommended, but be careful. Some states have far too much beauracracy surrounding pot legalization. Back on the subject at hand. If it is possible the hotter the pepper the greater the potential for helping cancer patients, there are other peppers much hotter. The ghost pepper is one of many. The scorpion is another viable choice. But the Carolina reaper is the hottest by far. Fair warning, if you cant tolerate hot peppers it might cause nasty side effects like a heart attack. So be mindful of your own pain tolerance before you try anything super spicy.