Juicing is all about nutrition and getting high doses of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Since a lot of disease has roots in the nutrition we put into our bodies, it makes sense that juicing could be used as a tool to help cure problems.  In some diseases, juicing on its own can have fantastic results, in others, juicing offers an additional weapon to use together with conventional medicine.

On this site, we have covered a number of different diseases and we will be adding more in the future:

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Cancer of the Ovaries

Ovarian cancer doesn’t often provide strong symptoms. Juicing can help provide support from this type of cancer, but only ONE type of juice.

Cancer of the Esophagus

Cancer of the oesophagus needs to be treated by your doctor. While juices may reduce the risk of esophageal cancer, or slow it’s development, this devastating disease does need laser and radiation therapy.

Cancer of the Prostate

Prostate cancer is something men worry about. However, those who eat a diet high in “plant food” are less likely to develop cancer. It seems that the “active” ingredient is a fiber – pectin.

Neutropenia: When Juicing Is a Bad Idea 1

Neutopenia is a complication associated with cancer. Patients that suffer from neutropenia should not squeeze their own juice because of the potential for pathogens to exist in the fruit and vegetables.

Green Tea May Help Leukemia Patients 2

Juicing is a natural way to get vitamins and minerals but it is not the secret for leukemia. In this article we mention the “miraculous” green tea effect for leukemia and lymphoma.

Can Juicing Help Cancer of the Bladder? 3

Cancer of the bladder can be responsive to nutritional therapies including juicing since the bladder itself comes into contact with the chemicals in the food we eat. Foods can therefore help the fight against bladder cancer, but it can also make things worse if you don’t know what you are doing!

Enzyme Supplements That Help May With Diabetes

Long-term diabetics can suffer digestion problems because of a condition called gastroparesis. Therefore a course of digestive enzymes may be needed before starting a juicing program. We look at the details.

Can Antioxidants Help with Diabetes ?

Antioxidants are often an unsung hero of juicing. When you have diabetes, weight loss can be important and we take a quick look at why antioxidants are important with weight loss.

Importance of Vitamins and Minerals for Diabetics

Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. There are, however, a few vitamins and minerals that will need to be obtained outside your juicing program. We take a look at them.

Herbs That May Help Your Diabetes

Herbs are natures medicine cupboard. With over 1300 plants capable of affecting blood sugar levels, a good juicing program can help control aspects of your diabetes. For many herbs, you’ll need a single gear juicer or twin gear juicer, but if you have that, your juicing program can be very beneficial to your health and your diabetes.