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This section of the site looks at current news in juicing, raw food and nutrition.

Genetically Modified Foods

When scientists started playing God with out food sources, they started something that is pretty much irreversible. The damage has been done, and continues to affect our environment and our food.

Make your own Almond milk

Almond milk is an alternative to normal milk, and it’s easy to make at home to avoid preservatives and flavorings that are sometimes added to shop bought almond milk.

Nutrition and Aging

Eat less and live longer. How? By switching to a raw food, plant based diet.

Spinach Juice Soup

An interesting recipe to try if you want something a little different – Spinach Juice Soup.

Health Problems with Dental Mercury

Mercury amalgams are used in dental fillings, and they are toxic. They emit mercury vapor for the lifetime of the filling, and can be the cause of many serious health problems.

No Juicer? No Problem! 2

This fun video shows how anyone with a blender can enjoy the benefits of healthy juices -even green juices!

Vaccines contain mercury

Mercury is a toxic element that does the body no good at all. So why is it found in the vaccines were routinely inject into our kids?

Childhood vaccine dangers

Many parents get their kids vaccinated, but are they necessary and more importantly are they safe?

Heartland Virus Spread by Ticks?

Two men, living 60 miles apart in Missouri, both independently present to their doctors with the same symptoms. Doctors find a new “Heartland virus” is causing the problem.

Suffer from Dry Skin?

Many skin care products contain chemicals that actually can damage your skin and contribute to aging.

GMO foods post a real threat to health

GMO food contains genes “injected” from other species. It seems these genetic material can survive digestion and absorption and bind to our own organs, modifying the organ function.