Cabbage Juice and Peptic Ulcers

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For many years now, cabbage juice has been implicated in the treating of peptic ulcers.  In 1949, Garnett Cheney published a paper showing that the average recovery time from duodenal ulcer was 10.4 days when the patients were treated with cabbage juice.  In contrast, those patients receiving conventional treatment took 37 days to recover.

In the paper, Garnett also showed that patients with gastic ulcers healed in only 7.3 days compared to the 43 days that it was taking patients to heal on the standard treatment.


What we think:

Nature has a larder stocked full of natural remedies for our human ailments.  Cabbage juice is just one of the alternative treatments you can use if you have an ulcer.  For more information on ulcers and a nutritional plan you can stick to, see Ronald Hoffman, M.D.'s article on ulcers.  He also tells you how much cabbage juice you need to take.

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