Over 200 diseases may be caused by excess Aluminum

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Aluminum in a nutshell:
Aluminum is a mineral that we probably need in very small amounts.  While the benefits of aluminum are poorly understood, there are a lot of diseases that are caused by too much.   .

Best source of Aluminum for Juicers
Since aluminum can cause a lot of problems in excess, we don’t recommend any type of supplement of juicing program specifically for this mineral.

Goats are famous for feeding on almost any available vegetation. They will eat grass, weeds, shrubs, trees, and even aluminum cans. Eating aluminum cans, it turns out, is not solely a function of the goat's insatiable appetite. Aluminum is an essential trace element for the goat's health, especially when it is young.

Humans do not feed on aluminum cans, but we do get measurable amounts of aluminum in our daily diets, usually about 2 to 10 mg per day. Only about 2% of that amount actually enters the bloodstream. Tiny amounts of aluminum may actually be needed to regulate the release of parathyroid hormone, slowing production of the hormone and preventing excessive levels of calcium in the bloodstream.

There are at least 200 disease conditions, however, that are caused by excessive amounts of aluminum in the bloodstream. Should you be offered a supplement containing any form of aluminum, it's probably best not to take it, since the benefits of aluminum are poorly understood while the complications of excessive aluminum exposure are well known.

Too much aluminum can cause anemia, memory loss, delays in healing skin wounds, allergic reactions to DPT and influenza immunizations, and nodules under the skin. It's even a good idea to minimize your dietary sources of aluminum, including anything made with baking powder (cake mixes, cookie mixes, biscuit mixes, self-rising flour, and frozen dough), processed cheese, and any product in aluminum cans or aluminum foil.

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