Is Tin Required? Probably.

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Tin in a nutshell:
Tin is thought to be needed for our immune system.

Best source of Tin for Juicers
We really don’t recommend any type of juicing program to increase levels of tin in your body.  We get plenty in a normal diet.

Tin is the familiar metal used as part of the alloys used to make tin cans and tin roofs. Scientists believe it plays a role in human health but we absorb vastly more than our bodies need from our food and our environment.

Alternative names: Tin. Chemicals that begin with the term "stannous" are usually safe in the human body while chemicals that end with the term "stannane" are typically more poisonous than cyanide.

What Is Tin?

Tin is a relatively soft and malleable metal that is used to coat other metals to prevent rusting. It is mixed with lead to form the solder used to make electrical connections, and it is used for electroplating copper and zinc to protect them from erosion. Organic tin compounds are used to stabilize PVC pipes and paints made with tin are used to protect wood from decay.

What Does Tin Do In the Human Body?

Scientists have linked tin to the action of just one enzyme, heme oxidase. This enzyme activates immune cells produced by the thymus. When lab rats are raised on a diet that is artificially depleted of tin, they lose hair, they become easily startled by sound, and various organs (but not the whole body) have difficulties using calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Should You Be Concerned About Taking Tin as a Micronutrient?

It is possible that the human body requires a few millionths of a gram of tin, on average, in the daily diet. Since most of receive many thousands of times more than than in our food, tin supplementation is not necessary.

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