Vitamin D may help prevent 15 types of cancer

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Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that most people think of as a vitamin that helps us keep our bones healthy and strong.  However, that is just one of the benefits of this multi-faceted nutrient.

Dr. Mercola states that keeping your vitamin D levels within optimal levels is one of the most powerful anti-cancer treatments you can get.  In fact, higher levels of vitamin D in your blood stream means a decrease in 15 different types of cancer.  In particular, vitamin D is especially effective against estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer.

The research showed that calcitriol (an active form of vitamin D) inhibits the growth of tumors by preventing tumor cell replication, causing cancer cells to die, and preventing metastasis.

His report contains an interview with Carole Baggerly in which she says that the risk of breast cancer could be cut by 50% if people had adequate levels of vitamin D in their body.

The evidence makes compelling reading.  Read the full story.

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