Cholesterol Myths

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There is no such thing as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.  There is only cholesterol that is manufactured in the liver and transported around your body by LDL and HDL.

Dr. Ron Rosedale talks about cholesterol myths

Doctors tell us that there are two types of cholesterol.  We are told LDL is bad cholesterol whereas HDL is good cholesterol.  This is NOT correct.  It’s marketing efforts that have made us believe this.

Important points to get from the video

LDL low density lipoprotein – is actually a protein, it’s not cholesterol.

If the size of the LDL is too small, it can get stuck between cells lining the arteries and oxidize.  It can then cause problems with inflammation and damage.  The only way to modulate the size of the LDL particles is to ear healthily.  Choleseterol medication does not affect the size.

HDL and LDL are “shuttle” proteins that carry cholesterol because cholesterol is not soluble in the blood so needs to be carried.

HDL takes cholesterol back to the liver to recycle it because it is easier to recycle than create it from scratch.

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy protein that is transported by protein in the blood.  That protein is LDL.

Cholesterol is a precursor to some steroid hormones and we need it to make those steroids.  Cholesterol is also important in cell membranes that exist in every cell of the body.  Cholesterol is therefore essential in our diet.

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