Have they lied about Soy?

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A lot of people eat soy based products as a healthy alternative to meat and milk.  However, is it really as healthy as we’ve been told?  In this video, Dr. Mercola gives some startling information on this so called health food.

Is Soy Healthy?

Stuff to take away from this video

  • Non-fermented soy is a challenge for most people and should be avoided.
  • Fermented forms of soy, e.g. miso, tempeh & natto (not tofu which should be avoided).
  • Nearly all soy is genetically modified.
  • Organically grown soy is OK, but there are still problems with using it as soy.  It’s packed with Trypsin inhibitors (which means your body will find it difficult to break down and use protein).
  • Soy is also packed with goitrogens (which impair thyroid function).
  • Soy contains phytic acid which will impair your body’s ability to absorb minerals.


Products you should avoid:

  • soy infant formula (infants fed this have up to 20,000 times estrogens in blood compared to infants not fed soy formula).  Soy formula also has toxic levels of manganese and aluminum.  This is given to babies that cannot tolerate normal formulas.
  • Soy milk also has similar problems.
  • Soy protein isolate (textured vegetable protein).  Packed with monosodium glutamate which has been show to destroy brain cells.

Only good soy products are the fermented soy products miso, natto and tempeh.

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