Top three recommended supplements

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If we are eating healthy, nutritious food with a large proportion being unprocessed, raw fruit and vegetables, then should should be getting most of the nutrients you need, so why bother with supplements?

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Dr. Mercola’s Top 3 recommended supplements

Things to take away from the video

  • Krill Oil – is a great source of animal based omega-3 fatty acids.  It has virtually no mercury or heavy metal toxicity and is loaded with antioxidants.  These prevent oxidation of the omega-3 fats.
  • Probiotics – to provide good bacteria.  We can get good bacteria from foods like homemade yoghurt, sauerkraut, natto, etc.  If you don’t get any of these fermented products, then a probiotic supplement may be a wise investment. 
  • Ubiquinol (reduced form of coenzyme Q10) is a high quality antioxidant.  This will help combat rogue free radicals.  Ubiquinol has the ability to regenerate antioxidants in our body (like vitamin C, E) so they can be used again.  Of course, you can get a lot of antioxidants in your body if you eat 7-9 colored fruits and vegetables per day.  The more colors you eat, the healthier the diet.

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In a processed food culture, simply eating may not be enough. Dr. Andy Williams is a scientist with a strong interest in Juicing and how it can supply the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive in modern society. You can subscribe to his free daily paper called Juicing The Rainbow and follow him on Facebook orTwitter.

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