It’s Official – Carrots and Plums can make you more Attractive

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An article published on Medical News Today looks at research into skin pigmentation and how attractive we are perceived by others.

They cite a research paper from researchers at Bristol and St. Andrew Universities in the UK.

Apparently, if you eat carrots and plums every day for a couple of months, you’ll not only look more attractive, you’ll also be healthier.

The active ingredients in carrots and plums that affect our beauty are carotenoids.  According to the research paper,

“ Increased facial skin yellowness (CIELab b*) and lightness (L*) appear healthy in Caucasian faces, but it is unclear why.”

The skins yellowness is mostly affected by the carotenoids (yellow) and melanin (dark and yellow) pigments.  The melanin is thought to be involved in the immune system, but may contribute to vitamin D deficiency (presumably by making your skin darker, you need to spend longer in the sun to get your vitamin D). The carotenoids,

“signal health in bird and fish species, and are associated with improved immune defense, photoprotection and reproductive health in humans.”

Read the article or the original abstract for more information.

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