Eggplant for skin cancer?

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In an article on the Mercola website, he discusses an interview he did for the Dr. Oz show.

One of the interesting sections of the interview was about a cream made from eggplant and other plants in the Solaceae family like tomato, potato and bell peppers.    The cream is called:

“Solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides, BEC5 or Curaderm”

This cream targets a protein on the cell membrane of cancer cells so is highly specific to attacking the cancer cells and quite safe to use.

Treatment lasts for 14 weeks for most small skin cancers.

NOTE: Eating these vegetables does not help with skin cancer as the active ingredient in the veg needs to be activated and that doesn’t happen during digestion.

What surprised me the most is that this treatment has been around for 200 years but obviously pharmaceutical companies don’t make a profit off of it, so research has been “ignored” (some would say covered up).

You can buy this cream online, but obviously you should see your doctor if you suspect that you may have skin cancer (small moles that suddenly grow in size or bleed are warning signs).

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