Can Soy Affect Your Unborn Baby?

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In an article on the Mercola website, he stresses a number of problems with eating soy.  These problems can be much worse if you are pregnant.

Soy contains plant estrogens which, experts claim can affect unborn babies and young children to the point of affecting their fertility when older.

Dr. Mercola explains that exposure in mice caused infertility caused by:

  1. a failure to ovulate
  2. reduced ability of the oviduct to support embryonic development
  3. failure of the uterus to accept implantation of the blastocyst stage embryos.

It seems that genistein (a a phytoestrogen) changes some of the immune response genes starting from the moment of genistein treatment.  This lead to altered immune responses which caused problem with getting pregnant.

Researchers believe that exposure to these plant estrogens in a fetus, infant, child or adolescent (while the female reproductive tract is still developing) may impact that child's fertility.

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