Seeds of Freedom

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Seeds of Freedom from The ABN and The Gaia Foundation on Vimeo.

Seeds of Freedom is a film narrated by Jeremy Irons.

It looks at how the growth of seed has become one of control and dependence leading to debt.

Genetically engineered crops have taken over, and despite the original claims that this would reduce pesticide use, it hasn’t.  Despite the claims of greater yields, there isn’t.  Research even suggests greater use of pesticides and lower yields.  So why is genetically modified (GE) seeds being developed?

Seeds are being developed to control and monopolize the global food system.

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In a processed food culture, simply eating may not be enough. Dr. Andy Williams is a scientist with a strong interest in Juicing and how it can supply the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive in modern society. You can subscribe to his free daily paper called Juicing The Rainbow and follow him on Facebook orTwitter.

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