FDA denies us freedom of choice?

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Gary Null describes his film – War on Health – The FDA’s cult of Tyranny.  The reason he created this film was because of what he saw in the 1980s – the FDA felt they had the power to claim any food or nutrient that COULD make a difference to our health COULD NOT be discussed.  So you couldn’t say you should eat broccoli because it has an anti-cancer agent.  They said you could not make any claim for any food or nutrient to heal or prevent disease.

War on Health–The FDA’s Cult of Tyranny

How would you like it if your no longer had a choice of natural supplements at your local health or grocery store?  What if the FDA forced you to take a specific prescription drug for a particular health problem.  No more going the natural holistic route. 

Is this a fantasy, or could it happen?  I think you should watch the video above (skip to around 27:30 for the start of the film).  The “War on Health” film challenges the FDA’s agenda and allegiance to pharmaceutical and agricultural giants.

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