Dangers of cell phone

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In this video, Dr. Mercola talks about the dangers of cell phones.  As usual, I have added my notes underneath in case you are in a rush and don’t want to watch the video Winking smile

Cell phone dangers

Notes on the video:

  • In June 2011, a committee of scientists from 14 countries working for the World Health Organization, concluded cell phone radiation is a possible carcinogen.
  • This radiation is classified in 2B category along with DDT, gasoline exhausts, burning coal, dry cleaning chemicals, working in a print factory.
  • This was not new research, just a review of existing evidence.
  • Over 5 billion people (80% of the world population) have a cell phone.
  • 40% increased risk suggested.
  • Most vulnerable group are kids that are getting access to cell phones earlier and earlier.
  • Ignore traditional studies about safe phones.  Pick your cellphone carrier appropriately.  GSM is far more dangerous as it emits 28 times more radiation than CDMA networks.
  • Danger to you is related to how far the phone is from your body.  The further away the better.  If you have hands-free/speakerphone, use it when possible.
  • Wired “blue-tube” headsets are good.
  • Dr. Mercola has posted over 200 articles on the dangers of cell phones on his site.
  • Companies with vested interests may be keeping some of the facts from you.


This second video carries on from the first:

Part 2

My notes:

  • This video discusses a few other “cover-ups” and battles that Mercola has been involved in.  EVERYONE should know about this.  This includes things like genetically modified foods, fluoridation, vitamin D / sunshine, use of mercury in dental fillings, etc.

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