Polio Vaccine causing Polio Paralysis?

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In a shocking article, Joseph Mercola discusses the Polio Eradication Campaign in India, and how it caused 47,500 cases of vaccine-induced Polio paralysis.

We are hearing more and more in the news how vaccination may not only be useless, but also contribute to outbreaks of disease and resistant superbugs.  Usually the authorities are very positive about the vaccines, but are they really telling you’re the whole truth?

We hear that Polio has been eradicated in India thanks to oral vaccinations.  How many people would be happy to take that vaccine, or give it to their kids if they new that:

  1. The vaccine contains LIVE virus
  2. The vaccine can CAUSE polio.

In fact, a study found that 47,500 cases of a polio-like condition called non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (which is twice as deadly as native polio) has been linked to these oral vaccinations.

Maybe vaccinations are the wrong way to try to eliminate this crippling disease.  It’s spread in feces-contaminated water, so perhaps we should turn out attention to water sanitation instead?

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