Wild African Mango helps fat loss?

Did you see the Dr. Oz show that looked at Irvingia gabonensis?  That’s the latin name for the African Mango – a daily food source of the African people.  According to the Natural Solutions website, this plant can help fight off obesity and diabetes.

The plant itself is packed with 18 amino acids and a lot of vitamins and mineral.  It also contains 66% fat, but it’s good fat (the kind also found in coconut oil) that can help burn fat and keep cholesterol levels in check.

A study included in the article reports that subjects who ate Wild African Mangoes lost 28.1 pounds of weight compared to 1.5pounds of the placebo group.  Other data suggests that it can lowre cholesterol levels by up to 27% compared to 4.8% in the control group.

I guess with these amazing results, we are bound to start seeing more and more “African Mango” supplements in the weight loss area. A quick check on Amazon already shows a lot of suppliers of this herb.

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