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At present, there is no way of knowing whether the food you buy in the supermarket has been genetically modified in a laboratory.  Perhaps 80% of processed foods on the shelves have been, so why haven’t they been labeled.  I am sure many US voters who brought Obama into the Whitehouse are asking this very question, due to election promises he made.  Here, see for yourself:

Obama GMO pledge.

So what can you do about it?

Well, there is a petition that has been organized to help force GMO labeling.  You can read more about the petition (and sign it), here:

Michelle Obama: Tell Barack to honor his campaign promise to label GMOs

Just fill in the form on that page to sign the petition.  It’s about time we knew what we were buying.  Whether the petition does anything is another matter.  After all, it’s one thing to promise this change, but a totally different kettle of fish when large corporations risk profits when this type of information is required.

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