What are GMO foods?

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AGMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, so basically what we are talking about is food that has been genetically modified in some way. 

Watch this video:

What is GMO food.

Notes on the video:

  1. A lot of people don’t know what GMO is, or that we’ve been using them for 10 years.
  2. Scientists originally wanted to make crops withstand the environment better, like cold, pests, viruses, etc.  This would increase yield and therefore profit.
  3. A flounder gene that helps the fish withstand cold water has been put into the tomato plant.  Essentially the gene is taken from one organism and inserted into the genome of another.
  4. Genetically modified crops can actually have LOWER yields.

The big problem with GMO plants is that their pollen (with the modified genes) get carried in the wind and fertilize normal, non-GMO plants.  The seeds produced create GMO plants because the foreign DNA was in the pollen.

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