Suffer from Dry Skin?

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Many of us suffer from dry skin occasionally.  This video looks at how you can look after your skin.

Avoid dry skin

Things to take away from the video:

  • Make sure you take a high quality animal based omega 3 fat.  Krill oil is the one he recommends.
  • Don’t ever-wash your hands in the winter, especially with soap.  You will have an increased tendency to cracks in your skin, and that increases the chance of bacterial infections.
  • Whatever you put on your skin, may pass directly through to your bloodstream.  If you are not prepared to eat what you put on your skin, then maybe you shouldn’t be using it on your skin.
  • Make sure your skin care products DO NOT contain sodium lauryl sulfate (engine degreaser) .  This is found in 90% of personal care products, yet they can lead to premature aging as they break down the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Make sure your skin care products DO NOT contain parabens (petroleum derivative).  This is widely used yet linked with cancer due to the way it mimics estrogens.
  • Other substances to avoid include toluene which has been linked to anemia, low blood cell count, liver or kidney damage.
  • Look for products with a USDA seal.  These contain only organic product and without pesticides, bioengineered genes, etc.

Dr. Mercola’s line of skin care products are available through his website, or from Amazon.

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