Health Problems with Dental Mercury

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This video is the first of 5 where Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. David Simone about the dangers of mercury used in dental practices.

Dr. David Simone on Dental Mercury

Key points:

  1. In dental school, they were taught the benefits of materials, not the problems associated with them.  He was not taught the problems with mercury.
  2. Mercury inhibits the synthesis of an amino acid required for detoxification!
  3. Mercury inhibits energy production.
  4. Mercury binds to Hemoglobin and stays there for the life of the hemoglobin.
  5. Mercury and fluoride are toxic to you.
  6. Why are we using toxic materials?
  7. Fillings made from mercury are not good for you.  Those fillings can make your whole body sick.  Two cases of women where anemia was reversed when the root canals came out.
  8. BPA as a toxin is less of a problem than the mercury filling.
  9. Autism use to be 1 in 10,000, now it’s one in 100, what happens when it’s 1 in 10?  Mercury may be one of the causes of this though he cannot prove it.  However, he does say that government date has been manipulated.
  10. Most toxic form if ethyl-mercury and this is the form that is used in vaccines as thiomersal.
  11. Babies growing in mothers who have mercury fillings are born, then injected with vaccines containing thiomersal, and many kids end up with autism or other problems.

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