Niacin Supplementation for Schizophrenia and other conditions

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In this video, Dr. Mercola talks to Dr. Andrew Saul about niacin.

Dr. Andrew Saul

Important points in the video:

  • Seems to be safe as a supplement.
  • Early tests on niacin supplementation for schizophrenia were very promising.  The doctor involved in those studies reasoned that schizophrenia has symptoms that were very similar to Pelegra (a disease caused by niacin deficiency). Those suffering Pelegra have mental problems as well.
  • When niacin was added to flour as a fortification, about half of the patients in mental institutions went home.  Turns out this half were under nourished.
  • Studies have shown that niacin is great for treating not only schizophrenia, but also attention deficit disorder, anxiety, depression and excessive compulsive disorder.
  • Niacin side-effect is that it also lowers bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol and lowers triglycerides.  Niacin is great at regulating cholesterol and preventing heart disease.
  • In the 1930s niacin was being used to treat arthritis.  250mg of niacinamide (form of niacin in supplements as it does not cause a “flush” like niacin), 6-10 times a day improved movement and joint function in patients that could not even move their arms.


While you can take niacin supplements, or get niacin from multi-vitamins, I tend to take brewers yeast tablets as a daily supplement as this contains minerals like chromium and selenium as well as a range of B vitamins (including niacin).  Here are the vitamins found in a 30g serving of brewers yeast:


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