New GMO Study–Corn Causes Cancer

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A 2 year long study in France that was designed to evaluate the safety of long-term consumption of genetically engineered corn found that rats developed tumors and suffered kidney and liver damage.

Dr. Mercola discusses the findings of the study in this video.  I have added notes underneath of the main points.

GMO Corn causes cancer



  • Rats consumed Monsanto genetically engineered corn (or exposed to it’s top selling weed killer Roundup) for two years.  They suffered massive tumors and organ damage.
  • Growing GM crops is already banned in France.
  • They are calling for European Union intervention to ban Monsanto’s GM corn.
  • 50% males and 70% female rats died prematurely compared with 30% and 20% in the control group.
  • Those rats fed GM corn or Roundup had increased risk of breast cancer, organ damage and premature death.
  • Cancers did not develop until after 90 days.  Studies required for regulatory approval are all shorter than this period so problems would not have been seen.
  • FDA do not require independent studies proving the safety of a product before they are approved for release.
  • Genetically engineered seeds are patented, therefore independent scientists cannot get the seeds to run tests without legal problems.
  • GM foods have been shown to be toxic or allergenic.
  • The French study was the first to cover the lifespan of the rat.
  • There is an urgent need for labeling GM foods.  We all have a right to know.  European Union and many countries have legislation for labeling GM foods, but not so in parts of the US, like California.

Here are some other expert opinions:

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