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He This is one thing that your dentist won’t tell you about, but there is a lot of evidence that root canals can cause serious disease, even heart attacks and cancer. 

In this video, Dr. Mercola discusses the evidence.

Root canals


My notes:

  • 25 million root canals are done every year in the US.
  • Over 95% of dentists and physicians do not understand root canal toxicity.
  • Research on the problems associated with root canal problems has been available for over 100 years.
  • Dr. Weston Price (known as the World’s greatest dentist) was the pioneer in the study of root canal toxicity over a century ago.
  • Dr. Watson removed a root canal tooth from a woman who had been wheelchair bound for several years.  He implanted the tooth under the skin of the rabbit.  The rabbit developed the same crippling arthritis that the woman was suffering from and the rabbit died in about 10 days.  The woman had a spontaneous remission and her arthritis was resolved.
  • He suggested that chronic degenerative diseases can originate from root filled teeth, especially heart and circulatory diseases. Also diseases of joints – arthritis and rheumatism.   Diseases of the brain and nervous system were also correlated.
  • Dr. Price discovered that primitive tribes with good nutrition had perfect teeth and no gum disease.  When they started adapting their food to Western diets, their teeth got caries and they suffered gum disease.
  • Dr. Price said it was impossible to sterilize the root canal.  This is because the root canal filling shrinks and prevents the inner root canals from being sterilized.
  • Aerobic bacteria resides in the complex tubule structure of the root canal.  When the canal is filled there is no oxygen available and we get mutation on bacteria into anaerobes that can produce toxins.  Since there is no blood supply, antibiotics cannot kill these bacteria.  They can migrate into other organs of the body.
  • People with a strong immune system can fight these infections to prevent them from travelling to other sites in the body. 
  • Other than a dead tooth, there is no other area of medicine where dead parts of your body remain in the body.
  • The American Dental Association denies Dr. Price’s work and say they have proved root canals are safe.
  • Dr. Meinig spent a long time reviewing Dr. Price’s work.  In 1993, he published a book called the “The Root Canal Cover-up”.
  • Alternatives to root canals are (1) a partial denture, (2) a bridge or (3) an implant.
  • A lot of filled root canals are permanently infected.  It’s like having an abscess in you body at all times waiting for your immune system to dip so it can cause problems elsewhere in your body.

In this next video Dr. Huggins confirms the problems associated with root canals.

Root canals are causing disease

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