Can Dairy Products Cause Cancer?

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In a newspaper article published in the Mail Online, scientist Jane Plant tells the story of how she found out she had breast cancer back in 1987 and then subsequently recovered by going on a dairy-free diet.

dairy-products-xsHer cancer was a secondary cancer that had spread to her lymph system.  12 sessions of chemotherapy had no effect at all and neither did the other operations (including a mastectomy) and 35 radiotherapy treatments.

One day while chatting to her husband (also a scientist) about why the Chinese had such low rates of breast cancer (1 in 100,000), she decided it was because they didn’t eat dairy.

From that moment on, she excluded dairy from her diet.  Within days the lump in her breast started to itch, soften and then shrink.  Six weeks later it was gone.

She attributes her recovery to the removal of dairy from her diet although it is very difficult to prove that kind of association because there are so many variables.  However, there is a lot of research on dairy and the link to cancer.  In the book “The China Study” (which you can get on Amazon), Colin Campbell, PH.D and Thomas Campbell, MD showed research that made my jaw drop.  They looked at the effects of casein (protein found in dairy) on cancer rates.

They fed rats a diet with either 5% casein (as a total of the diet), or 20% casein.  They also fed both sets of rats a powerful carcinogen to induce cancer.  Of those rats on 20% casein, all of the animals were either dead or near to death from liver tumors at 100 weeks (rats live for around 2 years).  All rats that were fed the same levels of the carcinogen but only 5% casein were “alive, active and thrifty, with sleek hair coats” at 100 weeks.

I have never seen this type of experimental result before where one groups is near 100% while the other group is zero.

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