Whole Foods Market lie about “Nothing Artificial Ever”

This video shows investigative reporters Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton as they uncover a massive corporate lie.  Despite their slogan “Nothing Artificial Ever”, Whole Foods sell masses of GMOs (genetically modified organisms, also referred to as GM food).  Obviously genetically modified food IS artificial as it’s the result of mans tampering with nature to produce organisms containing DNA from a different organism.

Whole Foods Lie


Important points in the video:

  • Whole Foods Market press release says that they think consumers have the right to know whether the food is genetically modified or not.  Note, in the video the reporter says that the press release admits they sell it, but that is not what was in the portion of the press release they showed.  However, further down the Press Release they do admit that “Some products in our stores DO contain GMOs”.
    Read the full press release here.
  • GM corn fed to rats caused tumors in rats.
  • People shop at Whole Foods Market to avoid GM foods.
  • Whole Foods sell unlabeled GM foods.
  • Whole Foods media relations Libba Letton admits that all stores (unless organic) sell GM foods.  She also admits that people may come for organic and healthy foods.
  • 94% soy, 90% cotton, 90% canola, 95% beets & 88% corn sold in America is GM and put into foods.
  • People want GM foods labeled as such.
  • Libba Letton says the only way to know if food is GMO is if they test every product in the store.
  • Whole Foods security wanted the reporters to be 3 feet from the curb.
  • Whole Foods truck says “100% real ingredients”.  That has to be a lie, doesn’t it?
  • Whole Foods Market made donations to Christie Vilsack wife of Tom Vilsak who heads the USDA department who is very pro-GMOs.
  • Obama appointed Tom Vilsack as secretary of agriculture where he can fast track GMOs into our foods.

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