When YOUR crops become contaminated by GM Crops 1

Plants produce pollen that gets distributed by insects or the wind.  Imagine YOU are a crop farmer.

When farmers grow genetically modified crops in their fields, what happens to non-GM crops that YOU are growing near by?

The chances are the genetically modified pollen will reach your crops, fertilize your plants, and turn your crops into a genetically modified organism.

Common sense tells us that YOU should be able to sue the GM crop producer for contaminating YOUR fields.  However, one GM producer, Monsanto, has actually been suing farmers like you, who are now growing crops with THEIR patented seeds.  Not only that, but YOU no longer own your crops, they do.  You also CANNOT use the seeds grown on your land to grow new crops.

The absolute unfairness of this situation has put many farmers out of business.  However, one farmer has stood up to Monsanto and won.

This video is part of the documentary about Percy Schmeiser, the man who sued Monsanto and won.

The most worrying thing about this story is that it shows we may no longer have non-GM crops, since GM pollen will contaminate all non-GM crops.  Is it too late to go back?

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