Glyphosate linked to Autism?

.. and allergies, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, IBS, colitis, Crohn’s disease, cardiovascular disease, infertility, multiple sclerosis, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, etc?

Watch this interview between Jeffrey Smith (researcher on dangers of genetically modified foods) and Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

Key points of the video:

  1. Genetically modified foods are often developed to be resistant to Roundup herbicide.
  2. Monsanto tell us that Roundup is harmless to humans because it kills plants by disrupting a metabolical pathway that does not exist in humans. However, Dr. Seneff reveals that Roundup causes nutritional deficiencies and toxins in the system.  It causes these problems by affecting gut bacteria, which we need for good nutrition, health and to fight disease.  The good gut bacteria DO CONTAIN the metabolic pathway (that makes essential amino acids VITAL to health) that Roundup blocks, so they get killed, allowing pathogenic bacteria to proliferate.  These pathogens then produce toxins that cause serious problems.
  3. Autism rates in the US have skyrocketed to 1 child in 50.  In 20 years, every other boy will probably be diagnosed with autism.  Dr. Seneff argues that this increase has to be environmental.
  4. Farmers are having to use increasing amounts of glyphosate as weeds become resistant.  Glyphosate is now found in the air, rain, blood of pregnant women and their unborn fetus.
  5. Autistic kids usually have gut problems.
  6. Sulfur deficiency is a key factor in all modern health problems we are having.  Autistic kids have 1/3 of the levels of normal kids.  Glyphosate disrupts sulfur transport and the sulfate metabolism by affecting gut bacteria.
  7. Glyphosate disrupts the pathway in gut bacteria that make essential amino acids, and therefore the gut bacteria start producing other products in high volume, and many of these are toxic.
  8. There are bacteria that can break down glyphosate, but in the process, they make ammonia.  Ammonia is toxic (and a gas, therefore easily moved around the body).  Autistic kids have higher levels of ammonia in their blood stream.
  9. Formaldehyde is extremely toxic (wrecks DNA and can cause cancer), and it is made inside our bodies because of glyphosate.
  10. Glyphosate gets into the liver and disrupts the enzymes (cytochrome P450) that detoxify our bodies.  Not only is is creating toxins in the body, but it disables the breakdown of toxins.
  11. When Monsanto approves a new GMO crop, the government has to INCREASE the allowed residue level of the herbicide.  Essentially that means that crops are requiring more and more of the herbicide as time goes by.  The glyphosate is in the plants that animals eat, so animals get the glyphosate in their bodies as well.

The video then goes on to discuss how glyphosate can cause a range of diseases.  Here are the times in the video that relate to the diseases:

Alzheimer’s Disease – 21:51

Parkinson’s Disease – 32:08

Multiple Sclerosis /Leaky gut – 41:09

Obesity – 59:18

Diabetes – 1:01:14

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