Government Control over vitamins & supplements?

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In an article published on the Mercola website, Dr. Mercola takes a look at the Durbin supplement bill and how it could affect us all if it’s passed.

Essentially, Durbin wants the FDA to have more power to regulate and control the vitamin and supplement markets, essentially meaning that only Pharmaceutical companies will be able to manufacture and sell these products.  Small supplement suppliers would go out of business, leaving big bucks on the table for those that control the industry – the Pharmaceutical giants.

It’s only thanks to the natural health community that Durbin’s “Dietary Supplement Labeling Act (S 1310) didn’t go through when he tried to push it through in May 2012.

You’ve probably heard warnings from your doctors about the dangers of vitamins and supplements?  Well that is all part of the plan to get support for these bills.  In the 2013 GOA report, dietary supplements were shown to cause a lot fewer problems than pharmaceutical drugs.  Nearly 500 times fewer!  Here is an interesting quote from the Mercola article:

“Data from the European Union indicate that pharmaceutical drugs are 62,000 times as likely to kill you as dietary supplements. You’re actually more likely to be struck dead by lightning or drown in your bathtub than have a lethal reaction to a dietary supplement”.

Do you need to worry about supplement regulation? 

The answer is no.  They are already regulated.

So why is Durbin trying to get these bills passed?  Read the Mercola article for his thought.

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