Can Antioxidants Help with Diabetes ?

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One of the nutritional advantages of juicing when you have diabetes is that you consume a lot of fresh vegetables in the form of juice, and they provide you with a lot of antioxidants. One antioxidant, however, goes a long way to help you lose weight when juicing.

It's a simple fact of thermodynamics that fat cells don't burn fat while they are storing it. When you are juicing, your fat cells have an opportunity to shrink that they never get when you overeat. Alpha-lipoic acid with its cofactors can help your body burn fat even more efficiently to take advantage calorie restriction.

Alpha-lipoic acid works with:

  • Niacinnamide,
  • Biotin, and
  • L-carnitine

.. to accelerate fat burning inside the energy-producing mitochrondria inside fat cells. This combination makes it possible for the cell to burn more fat faster because it absorbs the free radicals that otherwise might damage the cell as fat is “burned.”

You need to take all four supplements the same day, and for this application you need the R-lipoic acid form alpha-lipoic acid. Alpha-lipoic acid consists of a mixture of S-lipoic acid and R-lipoic acid. Both of them are helpful to diabetics. Only R-lipoic acid, however, can be transported into the cells where it is needed to assist with fat burning.

How much of these supplements is enough? You don't need to take the doses sometimes recommended for treating diabetic neuropathy. You should get optimum weight loss benefits from:

  • 400 mg of R-lipoic acid,
  • 500 mg of niacinamide, and
  • 100 mg of biotin daily. More won't hurt but they aren't necessary. But it's the reduced calorie intake made possible by juicing that changes the fat storage to fat burning. These supplements only make fat burning more efficient.

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