Beet Powder (E162)

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Beet powder is exactly what its name suggests. It is a powder made from dried beet roots. It may be identified as beetroot powder, "betula," referring to the Latin name for beets, or as E162. In many countries it is a primary ingredient in regular Coca-cola.

But don't let that fact discourage you from drinking juices colored with beet powder. Small amounts of beet powder or beet juice impart an earthy flavor to juices made from green leafy vegetables. They add an interesting flavor note to apricot, mango, and peach juice. And because beet juice contains small amounts of bitter chemicals, it stimulates the release of digestive juices in the stomach so that the nutrients in juice are more completely released from the fibers that contain them.

Many juices taste better with beet. There are very few calories and no toxic chemicals in this juice additive that is used more often than you probably know.

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