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Sunset Yellow is a dye also known as E110, Orange Yellow S, FD & C Yellow 6, and C.I. 15985. In Asia it is sometimes added to fermented soybean products. In the rest of the world, it's used to add coor to marzipan, apricot jam, lemon curd, energy drinks, soup mix, and bread crumbs. It is also the iconic color of the popular brand of corn chips/crisps known as Doritos. Sunset Yellow is added to juices to enhance brown tones in apple juice and cider and to color lemon juice.

Hundreds of thousands of people report that consuming foods and beverages made with Sunset Yellow aggravates allergies, triggers skin reactions, and makes managing kids who have ADHD almost impossible. Hundreds of learned experts insist that these symptoms are all in their minds. What the learned experts don't know, and can't test for, is the additive effect of Sunset Yellow with other “azo” red and yellow food dyes (especially tartrazine), aspirin, and aspirin-like substances that occur naturally in cranberries, cloudberries, ligonberries, apples, greengate plums, prunes, dill, oregano, peppermint, and wintergreen, among other foods and spices.

It might be that you can take a baby aspirin and not experience an allergic reaction. But if you take a baby aspirin and drink a glass of prune juice, maybe your skin with start itching. Or if you take a baby aspirin and eat a package of Doritos, your face will break out. Or if you eat a whole jar of cloudberry jam while hiking in the woods of northern Sweden, your skin will erupt in hives.

Only about 1 person in 300 is sensitive to Sunset Yellow at all. But adverse effects usually result form a combination of Sunset Yellow and other food dyes or aspirin. The “experts” usually don't take this into account and simply advise that coloring agents are safe, even when they are really not.

You can always scrutinize juice labels and package labels and product literature for Sunset Yellow under one of its many names. Or you can just make your own juice that you know is free of Sunset Yellow and other artificial additives. Especially if you love apple juice or apple cider or you make a lot of lemonade, a juice extractor can add flavor to your favorite beverages and save you a great deal of grief with allergic reactions some doctors will tell you don't exist.

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2 thoughts on “Sunset Yellow (E110)

  • Lindafuscagni

    I have been taking aspirin containing Sunset Yellow E110 for five months without being aware of the contents U have experienced asthma like attacks swelling of my face to mentioin a few I have only recently become aware of the aspirin contents because now they are accompanied by a limst I informed my Doctor who has now stopped me taking aspirin completely I would like some advixe on complaining to the drug company