Juicing related articles.

Cancer-Fighting Enzymes in Pineapple?

Cancer is devastating for the whole family and chemo drugs can really knock the stuffing out of the cancer patient. Many of the chemo drugs have dubious track records, and there are natural alternatives that perhaps should be investigated more, like bromelain found in pineapple.

Iodine for protection against radioactive fallout?

Following the nuclear disaster in Japan, Dr. Mercola created a set of interviews with Dr. David Brownstein on Iodine for protection.  I’ll list them here together with my own notes on the videos.  Part 1 Dr. David Brownstein on Iodine Part 1/3 My Notes: Dr. Brownstein has been studying and […]

Iodine Supplementation may cause problems in Pregnancy

Iodine supplementation is something that is becoming more popular, especially in the knowledge that 95% of Americans may be deficient. However, in pregnant and lactating women, it can pass on problems to the infants.

Can herbs help weight loss?

Can herbs help you lose weight? Here are 5 herbs that may help by curbing your appetite or helping you lose weight in other ways.

What is inulin?

Inulin is the new “in” fiber, but what is it, and what does it do for our digestive system? Also, what are the differences between probiotics and prebiotics?

Vitamin D for menstrual cramp?

Menstrual cramps affect at least 50% of reproductive-age women.  These cramps can vary in severity and at their worst, can lead to days off work (or school in younger women). While Ibuprofen is a common medication taken by women for their cramps, researchers have recently found that the sunshine vitamin […]

Seeds of Freedom

Seeds of Freedom from The ABN and The Gaia Foundation on Vimeo. Seeds of Freedom is a film narrated by Jeremy Irons. It looks at how the growth of seed has become one of control and dependence leading to debt. Genetically engineered crops have taken over, and despite the original […]

How does Mercury get into our body?

Mercury gets into our body mainly through seafood we eat. At high doses it is extremely toxic, but the good news is that most adults have lower blood levels than is seen as toxic.

Are Vaccines Effective?

A lot more parents are opting their kids out of vaccinations. Growing evidence suggests that not only are vaccines useless, but they are also causing resistant strains of some bugs.