Juicing related articles.

A Healthy Chocolate Snack

Can chocolate really be a healthy snack? Here is a recipe that is packed with goodness for making little chocolate treats.

New GMO Study–Corn Causes Cancer

How much longer are people going to ignore the mounting evidence that genetically modified is not safe? A new French Study has horrifying results.

Yawning helps cool the brain

If anyone ever suggests you are rude for yawning, tell them your brain is overheating and that it’s important that you cool it.

Nutrition and Aging

Eat less and live longer. How? By switching to a raw food, plant based diet.

Spinach Juice Soup

An interesting recipe to try if you want something a little different – Spinach Juice Soup.

Health Problems with Dental Mercury

Mercury amalgams are used in dental fillings, and they are toxic. They emit mercury vapor for the lifetime of the filling, and can be the cause of many serious health problems.

No Juicer? No Problem! 2

This fun video shows how anyone with a blender can enjoy the benefits of healthy juices -even green juices!

Vaccines contain mercury

Mercury is a toxic element that does the body no good at all. So why is it found in the vaccines were routinely inject into our kids?