Q & A

Do you have questions about juicing?

Everybody that starts juicing (and even those that have been juicing for some time) will have questions.

Some people are unsure of why you should be juicing in the first place, after all, aren’t the juices at the supermarket just as good? Others people want to know which fruits and vegetables are the best to obtain a certain vitamin or mineral. You may just want to know which juicer is best for someone just starting. Whatever your question is, I am here to try to answer if for you.

If you have any questions, please send them to me using the contact form on this site.  Below you’ll find some questions sent in by visitors, which will hopefully grow into a useful resource over time.

Can juicing help with pain management?

Pain is something that many people live with. The reader who sent in this question has had 4 back surgeries, and wanted to know if juicing could help as an alternative to the pain-relief medication she currently takes.