Juice recipes

This section of the site has a lot of nutritious, delicious fruit juice recipes.  Each one will show you how to make the juice, plus give you nutritional facts and health benefits for each juice.

Basil Berry Delight

Basil is a very fragrant herb that has traditionally been used as a seasoning and garnish in cooking. Recently it has become an important ingredient in juicing recipes due to the numerous health benefits it offers. While the leaves are the most commonly used part of the plant, its seeds, flowers and stem are equally nutritious.

Versatile Apple Juice

Apples are the most commonly cultivated and consumed fruit on the planet, making them easily accessible. Their naturally sweet taste, high nutritive value, and ease of blending with other fruits or vegetables make them the ideal juicing candidate.

Cenk’s mean green juice

Green juices are a great meal in their own right. This one is packed with vitamins, mineral, chlorophyll and enzymes.

Asparagus Divinity

Rich in dietary fibre and packed with vitamins, asparagus is considered to be a delicacy among vegetables. A bit on the pricy side due to the need for hand harvesting, it is easily available all year round, but the best flavour is attained during spring.

Juicing Jicama

Jicama is great in juices. Because the juice of Jicama has a green bean flavor, you may want to add it to celery or carrot and then use up strongly flavored vegetables like kale. That would be: Jicama Celery / Carrots Kale Another delicious juice recipe with jicama is to […]

Fruity Goodness

I like the juice because it’s something unique. It tastes like candy, and it has like a sweet taste to it, but not too sweet.

Basic Watercress Drink

Oozing with vitamins and minerals, this little leaf with its peppery flavor, tops the list of natural super-foods. It has been used since ancient times as a flavoring, aphrodisiac and for medicinal purposes.

Three Healthy Carrot Juice Recipes

Carrot is a great way to get nutrition. It is full of vitamins and beta carotene. It helps to purify and feed nutrients to your cells.

Appetizing Turnip Juice

The nutrients supplied by the juice of turnip root and its greens offer an ideal way for “powering up.” The vegetable provides a large variety of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Wheatgrass Tonic

Wheat grass is an amazing food that is loaded with seventeen amino acids, the building blocks of proteins and 92 out of the 102 minerals found in nature. It is the miracle food that must be included in everyone’s daily diet.

Cooling Watermelon Juice

Contrary to the common conviction that watermelon is nothing more than sugar and water, it is in reality a nutrient dense food. This means it is a food that delivers elevated quantities of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants at low calorie cost.

Satisfying Tomato Juice

Regardless of whether you call a tomato a fruit or a vegetable, the fact remains that this is one nutrient rich food that people should use more liberally.

Pearly Pear Juice

Homer described pears as the “gift of the gods” and this is not without reason. Pear juice is delicious on its own or combined with other fruits and vegetables. It is mild enough to be introduced to infants yet full of vital nutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

Radish-Apple Juice

Radishes don’t generally rank very high on most people’s list of high priority vegetables, but this little nugget delivers a goldmine of health benefits and nutrients.

Pineapple & Beetroot Juice

A native of South America, pineapple is a low calorie food with an array of unique health endorsing components. Once a rarity that only adorned the tables of royalty, it is now easily accessible for all to enjoy.