Smoothies are great because they include all of the fibre as well as the nutrients.  They are also more filling, and are true meal replacements that are easy to digest, absorb and assimilate by the body.  This section of the site provides some great recipes to get you started.

Filling Peach Smoothie

Traditionally peach trees were considered to be the trees of life. This is not surprising, considering they produce fruit that has truckloads of healthy nutrients to deliver.

Merry Berry Avocado Shake

Despite being a bit fatty, consumed in moderation avocados are good for health. They deliver roughly twenty vitamins and minerals in a single serving.

Velvety Cherry Smoothie

This sweet and sour fruit is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols that help fight disease and aid in improving overall health.

Heavenly Papaya Smoothie

Called the “fruit of the angles” by Christopher Columbus, this once exotic fruit is loved all over the world for its nutritional, digestive and medicinal properties.

Exotic Mango-Fig Smoothie

Supplying a wide array of nutrients coupled with moderate amount of calories makes mangoes not only a healthy food but one that tastes delicious also. Each serving of the tropical fruit is free of sodium, cholesterol and fat, earning them a position in the super fruit category.

Golden Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

Used for more than four thousand years as a food and medicine in the South Asian countries, the active ingredient in turmeric has the potential to ward off cancer and dementia.

Fast & Easy Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberries are known as the “queen of fruits” in Asian countries due to the large variety of health benefits they offer. When compared with other commonly grown fruits like bananas or apples, they deliver the greatest amount of nutrients.

Green Spinach Smoothie

Juicing spinach or consuming it in a smoothie is one of the best ways to benefit from its purifying and cleansing properties. To ensure maximum absorption of valuable nutrients like iron combine it with fruits and vegetables having high vitamin C content like tomatoes or oranges.

Exotic Mango-Raspberry Smoothie

The addition of raspberries to your diet means acquiring the benefit of a wide range of nutrients. Furthermore the delicate, juicy fruit also delivers innumerable health benefits.

Minty Mango Smoothie

Medicinal properties of mint have been used in traditional medicine to treat everything from stomach pain and indigestion to whitening teeth and freshening breath. In modern times fresh mint makes the perfect condiment for great tasting, healthy drinks.

Sweet & Sour Lemon Smoothie

Lemons are one of the few natural products capable of serving not only culinary or aromatherapy advantages, but medicinal, health and disinfecting purposes as well. Hardly any other natural product serves such a wide variety of purposes.

Wholesome Kiwi Smoothie

Kiwifruit has been used by the ancient Chinese as a health tonic since ancient times. The emerald colored fruit contains a large variety of health promoting phytonutrients.

Sunny Orange Smoothie

Full of natural sweetness and free from saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium, oranges provide an abundance of healthy nutrients. They are equally good when juiced with other fruits of choice or on their own.

Bone Forming Kale Smoothie

Kale has been treasured for its highly nutritious properties since the ancient times of Greeks and Romans. It has gained greater popularity in the last few years as a green juice and smoothie ingredient and is a favored drink of many health conscious celebrities.

Fig Almond Smoothie

Sweet nutty flavor and delicate in aroma, figs are loaded with calcium, fiber and antioxidants. A fig smoothie makes for the perfect breakfast drink or a replenishing mid-day snack.

Green Grape Smoothie

Grapes blend pleasantly with most other fruits and add an appetizing flavour to green smoothies also. Consumption of grapes offers numerous health benefits with studies associating them to prevention of serious diseases like cardiovascular disorders, cancer and elevated blood pressure.

Spunky Ginger Smoothie

Ginger is a popular herb with important culinary and medicinal value. It holds a special place in Chinese and Indian medicines due to its unique phytochemicals with health enhancing properties.

Thick Cranberry Smoothie

Cranberries are an essential component for all-round wellbeing. They are especially rich in the antioxidants, proanthocyanidin and numerous other chemical substances that offer protection against a wide array of ailments.

Blackberry-Green Smoothie

Blackberries are loaded with powerful antioxidants responsible for fighting free radicals and warding off some of the most common modern diseases. Juicing the berries maintains all these benefits.

Frozen Blueberry Charm

Consuming two cups of blueberries surpasses the benefits of all other types of berries combined. When combined with other healthy vegetables like cabbage, spinach or kale they make for great tasting healthy drinks that even children enjoy.