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Juicers that rely on gears (or augers) to extract the juice from fruit and vegetables are known as masticating (“chewing”) juicers because they literally chew the plant material and break up the tissues as opposed to centrifugal juicers that spin the broken up plant material at high speeds (up to 13,000 RPM)  to push the juice through a fine metal mesh (the mesh retains the pulp).

Whereas single gear juices have a single gear (or auger), the twin gear juicers have two. Twin gear juicers are also called “triturating juicers”.  Triturate means to grind, crush or pulverize!

Triturating juicers are the most expensive of all juicers.  They tend to operate at even slower speeds than single gear juicers which results in an even more nutritious juice with less foam, less oxidation and less degradation of vital enzymes and nutrients.  However, if you want to learn more before you buy, and see whether you need a triturating juicer, please read our free guide to the Health Benefits of Juicing and How to Choose the Best Juicer to Buy.

These twin gear juicers create a powerful compression between the gears which breaks up the tissue passing through them, and releases the maximum juice possible.

Like some single gear juicers, twin gear juicers can often be used to make other products like baby food, paste, fruit sorbets etc.

What to look out for in a Twin/Dual Gear Juicer

Choice #1 – The Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500

#2 Choice – Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor
#3 Choice – Green Power Juicer – Model KPE 1304

Before we look at out our highly recommend twin gear juicer – the Angel 5500 Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer, let’s look at some points to consider when choosing a twin gear juicer.


What to look out for in a Twin/Dual Gear Juicer

A juicer can be a significant investment of money so you want to make sure you know the things to look out for.  To help those that are just starting out on their juicing journey, we have listed a few points that will help you choose the best juicer.

  1. Design and appearance are important if you are leaving the juicer out between uses.  A good looking juicer is like a piece of art on your kitchen countertop, so look for one that is aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  2. Some juicers will be better at separating the juice from the pulp.  The better they are, the more efficient they are, and the more juice you get per pound of produce.  Therefore look for juicers that give out dry pulp in the waste bucket.
  3. For those of us with a busy lifestyle, it’s nice to have a juicer that can take large pieces of fruit and vegetables as it cuts down on the preparation time.  Some types of juicers have smaller feed chutes because they need to slow down the juicing process so that they can work at optimum efficiency.  Bear this in mind when looking to buy your juicer.
  4. Just as important as quick juicing, quick cleaning is a major benefit.  If the main parts of your juicer are dishwasher safe, great.
  5. Finally, look for a juicer that will last.  Some juicers come with lovely stainless steel housing which are very durable, but some of the plastic housing can be exceptionally hard wearing. Just make sure you pick a juicer that will last.

Choice #1 – The Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500

angel-5500Juicing used to be a mystery to most people, however today more people understand and appreciate the health benefits of juicing. In order to enjoy quality juice, you must have a quality juicer such as the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500.

Describing the Super Angel 5500

The Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer is considered one of the best juicers in its class.

Its manufacturer, Super Angel, has successfully been in the juicing industry for more than 20 years…and a global leader when it comes to juice extraction. Super Angel is also known for its innovation.

The Super Angel 5500 is constructed from stainless steel and boasts a twin gear system that can juice just about everything including

  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Wheatgrass
  • Barley grass
  • Herbs and sprouts
  • Leafy greens
  • Spinach
  • nuts

It boasts a powerful press system that rotates the gears at an optimal speed – it’s the only twin gear juicer we know that limits the maximum to 86 RPM. The low speed prevents heating during the juicing process and ensures the nutrients and enzymes are keep alive. It is designed not only to be powerful and effective, but also efficient and long lasting.

What's Unique About The Super Angel 5500?

It is a masticating twin-gear juicer (or triturating juicer which means pulverize).

What’s that?

It is a juicer designed to function at slow speeds, minimize oxidization, and maximize the juice’s yield. Twin gear triturating juicers are built to provide you the best in terms of yield and nutrition. The twin or dual gears slowly draw the produce into and through the twin gears, breaking down the produce into a mega dose of nutrition-packed juice.

super-angel-twin-gearsThe nice thing about them is that they are not limited to fruits and produce. Many customers appreciate being able to make delicious salsas, ice creams, and more. It’s always a treat to be able to have a juicer that can do more than just juice. The Super Angel 5500 juices and a whole lot more.

Some Interesting Features

The Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500 comes with many excellent features. Here is the shortlist.

  • Innovative design. This makes cleanup easy and operating a breeze.
  • Total heavy-duty construction. It is made with all stainless steel. High quality, stainless steel, and anti-bacterial gears. You do not have to worry about plastics, nylons, or other materials breaking or worse yet, getting into your food.
  • Three horsepower of muscle. With this type of force, you can rest assured that your produce’s nutrients are unlocked. In addition, this type of force does a great job when it comes to sturdy and stringy produce.
  • Two stage extraction process. This juicer has a two stage extraction process to ensure maximum juice and nutrition. The first stage applies pressure while the second stage thoroughly grinds the produce. The result is dry pulp, more juice, and more nutrition.
  • Auto Pulp Ejection System. With this system, you can juice more without having to make frequent stops to clean out the pulp.
  • Sensor to Automatically Detect Overheating. This prevents overheating of the motor and protects your investment.
  • 10 Year Warranty.

The Super Angel 5500 also has safety features built it:

  • Gears won’t spin if the housing is not assembled correctly even if the power is on.
  • There is a cut-out that protects the juicer from overheating.
  • Automatic cut off if a hard object falls down the feed chute by mistake.

Using the Super Angel 5500

Before using your Super Angel Juicer for the first time, make sure you wash the parts with clean, warm water. This will remove any dust that might be present from the manufacturing process, or from packaging during shipping.

Before assembling, make sure the juicer is UNPLUGGED.

For assembly instructions, please see your user manual as it will give you diagrams to help the assembly.  Once you have assembled and disassembled it a few times it will become a very easy process.

  1. Once assembled, place the juice jug under the screen housing.  This is where the juice will come out.
  2. You will want to cut up your produce into small pieces (check out the size of the feed chute that it has to go down).  These pieces are best cut into long rectangles that can be fed down in one go, rather than small chunks which will take a lot longer not only to prepare, but to feed into the juicer.
  3. Place the pulp bin under the pulp outlet.
  4. Turn on the “red rocker” power switch and you should see the red power indicator light up.  The machine is ready to be used.  Just press the Start button to start the gears.
  5. Put the fruit or vegetable into the feed chute and gently push it down with the wooden pusher.  Never try to push too hard.  The fruit and vegetable will be naturally fed into the gears and only need light coaxing.
  6. When you have finished juicing, completely disassemble the screen housing and the twin gears.  Remove any plant fibers that may be stuck in the screen by using the supplied screen cleaning knife.  You can clean the screen housing and the twin gears using the supplied cleaning brush in running tap water.  A nice tip to clean the screen housing is to insert the cleaning brush and then pull it out slowly while turning the housing clockwise.  Repeat a couple of times.  If you find that there is pulp and fibers stuck in the screen, soak the screen in water for several hours.

Mineral/Sticky Deposits in the juicer or on the Gears?

If you find that the twin gears get mineral deposits on them, they can be cleaned by “juicing” soaked almonds.  Alternatively the user manual suggests soaking the gears in vinegar over-night and then brushing off the calcium and other mineral deposits the next day as they will have become loose.

The best way to prevent these deposits in the first place is to make sure the twin gears are thoroughly cleaned with warm water immediately after use.

Some fruits and nuts can leave a sticky residue in the juicer or on the gears.  To clean these, run some celery through your juicer.

Safety Tips when using the Super Angel 5500

Some of these are common sense, but it is important to mention them.

  • Make sure the motor has completely stopped and you have unplugged the Angel 5500 from the wall socket before disassembling it to clean.
  • Always use the wooden pusher supplied to push produce down the feed chute – never use knives, forks or other kitchen objects and never stick your fingers down to push the fruit or vegetables.
  • Never put the motor housing into water to clean.
  • Never leave your juicer running when unattended.
  • If anything seems to block the juicer during operation, press on the reverse button to bring the produce back up the other way to unblock.
  • When you are juicing, if you run out of produce and need to prepare some more, always turn the juicer off.  Never leave the juicer for extended periods with the gears turning without any produce.

Some Juicing Tips for the Best Results with your Super Angel 5500

  1. Never push too much fruit or vegetables down the feed chute when you are juicing, or push too hard.  By trying to speed up juicing by forcing the food down will only increase the chances of the gears jamming.  There is also a good chance that the juice will not have the maximum possible enzyme and nutrient content.
  2. On the same topic, make sure you fully press the produce into the feed chute (using the provided wooden pusher only) before adding more.  The wooden pusher can touch the twin gears, so don’t worry if you accidentally push too hard.
  3. If the gears jam, press the reverse button for a couple of seconds.  If required, you can hold it down longer.  Just monitor the blockage.  Once the blockage is cleared, press the start button again to re-commence juicing.  If the blockage doesn’t clear, just repeat these steps once or twice more.
  4. Vegetables like carrots do not need to be cut up if they can fit down the feed chute, but always insert the thinnest part first.  You may get slightly better results as well if you cut the carrots lengthwise into quarters and feed then in separately.  Always make sure one piece of carrot has been fully consumed by the gears before inserting another piece.  This also applies if you have cut the carrots into smaller pieces.  One piece at a time to prevent a blockage.
  5. For leafy greens like chard leaves, romaine lettuce, dandelions or herbs, roll them up into a “tube” and feed them into the chute.  The gears should be able to grab the end and self-feed them into the gears.  If there are stalks on your leafy veg, feed the stalks in first so that the gears can catch hold of them.  Since they are the strongest part of the leaf, they are less likely to break as the gears draw in the roll of leaves.
  6. If you are juicing wheatgrass, just feed in small handfuls at a time.  You probably won’t need to use the pusher because the gears will catch them and self-feed the shoots into the gear mechanism.
  7. Always remember that you can re-feed the pulp back into the juicer to get even more juice out of your vegetables.

Read What Others Have Said About It

After learning about the high quality Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500, it is little wonder customers rate it highly. Many users are ecstatic about its incredible juice yield and quality juice. Nevertheless, a few customers have things they did not care for or thought could be better. Let’s explore both sides, the pros and the cons.

The Pros

  • The juice is very fine with low, if any pulp. The foam amount is also low with little sign of oxidization. It has no problem with stringy vegetables and greens; thus you do not have to be bothered with clogging. Hard produce is handled easily and its stainless steel construction makes cleanup a cinch.
  • The motor is powerful.
  • There are relatively few parts requiring cleaning. Cleaning generally takes a maximum of 5 minutes, even with apples or carrots. The clean up tools provided and a little running water seem to do the trick every time.
  • The pulp is super dry. It is not wet. This means no wasted juice. No matter what produce, the pulp remains dry. That includes pineapples, ginger, parsley, carrots, and apples.

The Downside

  • It takes a while to juice some produce like cucumbers. The juicing process can be a little messy.
  • The clean up takes a bit longer than with some juicers, but the gears can be cleaned easily with a little water.

Summing Up the Super Angel 5500

The Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500 is great for those who are serious about their health and juicing.

It has several wonderful features, produces high juice yields, and delivers nutritious juice. It is not for those who are in a rush and unable to appreciate a higher quality juice.

Lastly, the Super Angel Juicer All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500 has a solid construction so you do not have to worry about wasting your money. Many customers consider it to be a solid investment.  You can read real reviews of the Super Angel 5500.

#2 Choice – Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

Green Star make some of the most popular juicers, and the Green Star Elite Twin Gear juicer lives up to expectations.

You have the usual features of automatic pulp ejections and this juicer can handle anything your throw at it – fruits, herbs, ginger, fibrous fruits and vegetables, leafy greens like kale, grasses, nuts and grains.

You can make baby food by pureeing fruits or home-made peanut butter using the attachments provided.

These juicers work at the usual low speeds typical of masticating juicers and is quiet.

The Green Star Elite Jumbo twin gear juicer is quite easy to dis-assemble and clean (the most difficult bit is the mesh screen, but isn’t that always the case?) and as you can see from the screenshot, it’s got a very useful carrying handle built into the motor housing.

If you are looking for a mid-range twin gear juicer, the Green Star Elite Jumbo is one to look at.  Check out the reviews for the Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer, Juice Extractor with Jumbo Twin Gears, White.



#3 Choice – Green Power Juicer – Model KPE 1304

Green Power Juicer - Model KPE 1304

This twin gear juicer comes with a 10 year warranty (like many of the twin gear and even single gear juicers these days).

It uses a bio-ceramic and magnetic technology that ionizes the juice – they say it helps to keep the juice fresh for up to 72 hours!

Like the other juicers on the page, this one has a number of uses separate from juicing, so it’s like a food processor and juicer in one.  It easily handles those
more difficult leafy greens, herbs and grasses, while doing a great job on the nut butters, pastas, baby food, frozen fruit sorbets, grinding coffee etc.

This juicer also boasts that it won’t get clogged like other masticating juicers.

There really isn’t much between the Green Power KPE 1304 and our number 2 choice – the Green Star Elite, so look for the one that has the best price and go with that if you want a mid-range twin gear juicer.  Read Green Power Juicer .

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    The super angel 5500 is a great juicer. I watched a video comparing the juice yield to an upright juicer and it produced about 30-40% more juicer with less pulp. It sold me.